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Outfit Post: Tiger, Tiger

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz
Outfit Post: Tiger, TigerAll month I've been playing with red and green and plaids and mixing it up with black and white. Part of December's uniform has been these vintage Pendleton plaid coat that is deliciously awash in Christmas reds and a pine green. It was first acquired last year in Sacramento, where it was too warm to wear- but here in Seattle- like the middle bowl of porridge in the Goldilock's tale: it is JUST right. The black white striped gloves and red plaid scarf worn with the coat have been garnering quite a bit of compliments, usually the "it's so nice to see some holiday cheer" sort of thing.  You see, not a lot of color seems to be worn in these here parts. So standing out in color is easy here. And fun.

Outfit Post: Tiger, Tiger

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Fun and 98% Thrifted. Everything but the hat, and the socks came from secondhand sources. The dress, a cute lace frock castoff from a fast fashion chain I won't mention, was found, good as new in a Goodwill shop in Portland, Oregon. 
Outfit Post: Tiger, Tiger

Outfit Post: Tiger, Tiger

Leopard may be Polka Dots of the Animal Kingdom, but Tiger is Definitely the Stripes.

I visited Portlandia last summer (and wrote about HERE, HERE and HERE) to hang out with some bloggy buddies, and went on a thrift store shopping spree with them (thanks, Krista!) so this dress makes me think of them! I love the distinctive tiger print, and the figure flattering high elasticized waist. Bonus is the synthetic fabric, which is rain friendly; it  drip dries.  

Back in Seattle, garments that can quickly dry are good! My outfit was worn on a day I ran errands, so I was pleased with how easy it was to walk around in- I walked nearly 3 miles and the whole time I was warm, comfortable and full of "holiday cheer." 

Adding to my cheer, is my latest prize: a vintage handmade modern art brooch. My guess is that it was made in the 1980s. Angular, geometric shapes frolic beneath a glass rectangle that has been lovingly embellished with rhinestones. Don't ask me why, but my latest obsession has been collecting art jewelry from the eighties. This brooch is certainly a choice example of that, and I feel makes a jaunty companion to my plaid coat.
Christmas is around the corner, and are you ready? I am not. I seem to be running behind schedule in everything- but isn't that what the holidays are about? Well aside from "good tidings of great joy." I still have Christmas cards to mail, and a few gifts to get. Oh! And I have some good tidings of my own to share with you- some good news! 
Click HERE to read all about it. 
Outfit Post: Tiger, Tiger

Now Wearing:
  • black knit Tam c/o JACOB
  • vintage Pendleton coat, The Equine Bovine
  • vintage 1980s brooch, thrifted
  • tiger print lace dress, thrifted
  • Betsey Johnson belt, available HERE
  • vintage acrylic black cardi, thrifted
  • grey thigh high socks, similar
  • black patent lace up boots, consignment shop

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