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Outfit Post: the Cape Escape

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz

outfit post: the Cape Escape

The Mad Plaid-er: Wearing a plaid cape is part of my method for "Blooming Madly."

 As obsessed as I've been with capes these past 10 years, I don't really wear them out much. I recently sold a number of capes from my decade long collection, as I realized that I wasn't going to wear them that often and 15 capes in one closet is really just plain ol' overkill. That said, this plaid wool gem from the 1960's is a recent addition and it's a real keeper. Perhaps, you've seen me wear it HERE. Well constucted, fully lined and warm, and with zero nonsensical frills, I love the streamlined look to this cape, and of course, the plaid print. So there's still a handful of capes in my closet and I'm determined to at least wear them once before our springtime warmer weather hits us.
Which groundhog shadow or no, is soon, as you can guess by the fact I get to wear shorts in February. Only in California, folks.
outfit post: the Cape Escape
outfit post: the Cape Escape
Now Wearing: 
  • vintage '60's brown plaid cape, This N That Thrift
  • pre-loved cotton print shirt, thrifted
  • vintage 80's sweater, Goodwill
  • mom jean shorts, from a free pile
  • striped knee-highs (over 5 years old)
  • Coach flats (over 6 years old)

outfit post: the Cape Escape


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By capeonly
posted on 16 September at 16:41
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Hi, As you say and similar to you, I am obsessed about capes and I only have 6 of them but I Wonder if you have some for sale. I love the one you are photographed with. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards from Paris.