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Outfit Post: The Best Thing in the World

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz
outfit post: The Best Thing in the World
   Dude: There are some things
   in life I can't control.

   Me:   Like what? Needing sleep?
   Dude: How much I miss you.
outfit post: The Best Thing in the Worldoutfit post: The Best Thing in the WorldSometimes, I can't help myself.  Darlings, this is one of those times.
I'm feeling a bit Syd-Barrett-meets-Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning, sing songing mad, mad love into everything, with every object in the world reminding me of H-I-M.  And by him, I mean the dude; MY dude.

You know the tune, right? It's on every radio station you dial into.
The Best Thing in the World What's the best thing in the world?
June-rose, by May-dew impearled;
Sweet south-wind, that means no rain;
Truth, not cruel to a friend;
Pleasure, not in haste to end;
Beauty, not self-decked and curled
Till its pride is over-plain;
Light, that never makes you wink;
Memory, that gives no pain;
Love, when, so, you're loved again.
What's the best thing in the world?
—Something out of it, I think. 
                                                                 -Elizabeth Barret Browning
outfit post: The Best Thing in the WorldHave you ever noticed that the mania of Eros makes you feel like the most magical of creatures on the planet AND one the most banal of cliches? 
I am stewing in the folly of romance. Every song, every subject, every anything turns my head towards the direction my heart already resides.
My still small voice of reason hisses- that there is no sense in this, that the THIS of this can not sustain itself. A moth may crave flame, dear butterfly,  but there is always consequence. 

The rest of me plays devil-may-care-bear and suits itself up with a fierce + determined purpose: to love without pause, to give without cause, and to hopelessly dash pell mell into the maw of happiness. Such a mess, this madness. It is also the best thing in the world.

outfit post: The Best Thing in the World

"Who so loves, believes the impossible."
-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Now Wearing:
  • vintage animal print scarf, thrifted 
  • resin tortoise shell/bone ear rings, gifted (thanks Barbro!)
  • vintage brown top, Crimson & Clover
  • 1960's Safari Sport cheetah print coat, This-N-That Thrift
  • vintage gold-tone scaled metal belt, This-N-That Thrift
  • vintage moc-croc brown leather clutch, thrifted
  • skinny jeans in midnight, Freestyle Clothing Exchange
  • animal print "shooties," Freestyle Clothing Exchange

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