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Outfit Post: Texas Tuxedo

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz
Outfit Post: Texas Tuxedo
Before I get started, let me mention that I've been included today in a What I Wore: Fabulous Over 40 round-up of personal style. So check me out, mingling with other fab + 40 ladies over at Fabulous Over 40. 
And now onto today's OOTD: the Texas Tux.
DON'T. MESS. WITH. TEXAS. I've been planning a Texas Tuxedo outfit for years. Seriously, ever since I paraded my (at the time) 44 year-old butt in a pair of short shorts with my version of the Canadian Tuxedo. You can revisit it HERE

A Texas tuxedo is another variation of denim on denim, but usually denotes a dolled up cowboy. You get your best jean jacket and pair of jeans and pair it with a nice western shirt (the kind with the snap pearl buttons) or tuxedo shirt, and wear with a bow tie (better yet, a bolo tie) and trade out the cumberbund with a Texas worthy  carved leather belt with a buckle the size of a dinner plate. And this folks, is the glory of the Lone Star State.

Outfit Post: Texas Tuxedo

My version includes this amazing vintage 1950s sequin gray wool jersey top. I found this silvered treasure at Beats and Bohos last month, and have been dreaming about wearing it ever since. Turns out the virgin voyage is the last (for a while at least) as the zipper in the back broke, and who knows when I'll take it in to a seamstress to fix it. Chambray top, and jeans make up my tuxedo foundation, and I've topped it off with a vintage silk bow tie, and Order of the Easter Star vintage rhinestone broach. That would be the shiny bauble on my knuckles. 

What do you think? Did I mess with Texas? 

Would you wear a Texas Tux?

Outfit Post: Texas Tuxedo

#SHOPSECONDHANDFIRST  99% Thrifted. 100% Lone Star

Now Wearing:
  • vintage 1990s holographic sunglasses, listing soon
  • vintage 1950s silk bow tie,  listing soon
  • vintage 1950s sequin top, Beats + Bohos
  • vintage 1965 rhinestone broach, listing soon
  • Love Squared chambray top, available at Atlas
  • Target brand jeans, Citizen's own
  • Sofft pumps, Value Village

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