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Outfit Post: Secondhand Nirvana

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz
Outfit Post: Secondhand Nirvana Outfit Post: Secondhand Nirvana So I decide I'm going to focus more on writing about my community and then give you an onslaught of personal outfit posts. My bad. One thing: outfits pics are easier to post than researched articles- and another- well, let's just say I'm bad at doing what I'm told, even if it's me doing the telling. Is anyone else that way? C'mon, we're rebels.
Rebellious, yet practical.
Outfit Post: Secondhand Nirvana Taking a cue from my ridiculously so-not-me-and-punk-rock thrifted hat, I spotted these amaze-balls water resistant patent leather lace-up boots. They remind me of my college days, back when Doc Martens were part of the uniform. They also remind me of Rosebud MEG, blogger and D.I.Y.'er extraordinaire, who rocks her Docs like no other. So probably without Meg to inspire me, I'd not have thunk to buy these shoes, and I am so glad I did! 

I scored them at Labels Consignment, a tiny but packed-to-the-gills consignment shop in my 'hood on Phinney Ridge, in Seattle. Labels is DANGEROUS! Why? Because they have an incredible selection of children's + women's clothing and accessories, at affordable prices. You remember my fancy Miz Mooz boots? They were $55 (a $350 boot, mind you) and found at Labels. Want more proof? I got these lace-ups for $28 bucks.

Outfit Post: Secondhand Nirvana
So I now have yet another pair of fun and stylish and weather abiding walking shoes, which is now essential to my wardrobe. And they were purchased pre-loved, making everything but my tights and underwear, SECONDHAND. So stoked. The hat was like-new, and found at a local thrift shop. It is hand knit, with a silly, I mean, REBELLIOUS, mohawk fringe and a skull motif on the side. I'm not cray-cray about the skull, as I'm more of Dances with Unicorns (Cute and Cuddly)kind of girl, but skull-cap was a warm looking hat priced under $10, and I snatched. Turns out, it's a hat by Nirvanna Designs, a small company that is committed to paying a fair wage to the cottage industry knitters of Nepal, Indonesia, India and Thailand. And they have some very cute non-skull adorned hats, and one on my wish list. So my little cap was a score, online and brand new it retails for $39.99. You can buy it from Nirvanna Designs by clicking HERE. The coat and the dress, has been seen before. The coat first made its appearance HERE, and the floral frock rocked it cow-grrl style HERE. The sweater, you'll be seeing more around these parts: it's a 1960s vintage hand-knit Aran sweater zip up cardigan in nearly perfect condition.  I originally bought it to sell online but can't bear to part with it.  I love a good fisherman cable knit! I felt super cute in my little nod to punk rock outfit, and quite visible in the mohawk knit hat. Thanks to Megs for inspiring me to try on, then buy the lace-ups, and thank you for reading this post! Outfit Post: Secondhand Nirvana #SHOPSECONDHANDFIRST
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