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Outfit Post: Seattle Starling

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz

Outfit Post: Seattle Starling

Imagination takes flight in a practical fisherman's knit cardigan sweater. (Photo credits: Bella Q)

Grey knitted on grey, with clouds tumbling over your head, like a dirty white crest of surf washing in on a Seattle tide. Winter here is a a study of heathered, charcoaled, jetted, and slated greys. And some days, that can't help but color you. One can't pounce about in fancy silk frocks when it's wet and cold and rainy. You're going to want to feel toasty, warm, and better serving to that is the practical sweater, some leg cover; anything to get you out the door and onto the street ready to get about, to go somewhere.

I've been wearing jeans in what seems like forever, and I'm not a pants sort of girl. So I'm exploring all sorts of ways to stay warm and dry in a skirt or dress. It has to be done quickly- there's not a lot of time, or space (small, small closets) to sort an outfit out. Garments need to be selected, donned, layered and dressed.

I feel a dullness to all this practicality- what comes to mind are those drab yet shiny birds you see everywhere, the starlings. I admire their tenacity, their capability to thrive in city living, and for their bright yellow beaks that commonly accessorize their otherwise plain-as-jane wardrobe: an oily overcoat of drab dark feathers. I guess you could say that today, I'm feeling a bit like a starling.

Outfit Post: Seattle Starling

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Outfit Post: Seattle Starling
Outfit Post: Seattle Starling

The pictures, taken at dusk, show the light at 4:30 pm. Like a bird taking wing, I'm ramping off my exit, off to explore the neighborhood, by way of a walk. Not very fashionably dressed, am I? But I'm suited up well enough for the purpose. I kind of like the fisherman daughter's look I've been sporting lately with my two new knit caps. It may look a bit drab like starling's feathers, but there is plenty of shine on the inside.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Outfit Post: Seattle Starling

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Outfit Post: Seattle Starling


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