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Outfit Post: Plaid + Leopard, Western Style

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz
outfit post: Plaid + Leopard, Western Style
The best way out
of a difficulty is through it.
Will Rogers

outfit post: Plaid + Leopard, Western Style

She's so Country: Plaid and Leopard frolic in the Old West

outfit post: Plaid + Leopard, Western Style

Plaid + Leopard + Bolo = Citizen Badass

Well don't say I didn't warn you. I told you that this season, PLAID was going to replace my polka dots. And you know I like to mix the polka dot with leopard. After delighting in the plaid/animal mixes of Sacramento and Desiree, I decided to do a little mixin' myself, western style. 
Plaid, meet Leopard. I think you two will like each other.
outfit post: Plaid + Leopard, Western Style

I'm liking my vintage JFK bolo tie picked up for a (cowboy) song at our downtown Goodwill boutique. I think I forked out a five spot for it. AND worth every penny. Or in this case, a 50 cent piece.

I am LOVING my new brown ankle boots freshly bought from Target! Made of genuine, uh, man made materials (my rational is that they will be my rain boots) these slickery booties have great character and came with an easy-to-take-home price tag of $30 buck-a-roos. You'll be seeing a lot of these kickers in the coming season.

outfit post: Plaid + Leopard, Western Style

Brown and Beautiful: my new brown boots from Target

Now Wearing:
  • vintage bolo tie, Goodwill
  • vintage plaid shirt, This N That Thrift
  • vintage leopard calf-skin belt, Cuffs
  • vintage jean cut-offs, free bin
  • Talbot's leather purse, Thrift Town
outfit post: Plaid + Leopard, Western Style

TODAY is the official launch day of the citizen ROSEBUD/curated vintage at FRINGE. When you visit this lovely local shop off in Midtown, you'll find my hand-picked and lovingly rescued vintage collection for Fall 2011. If you live local, please stop buy and SHOP THE CITIZEN. 

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