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Outfit Post: My Other Life

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz
outfit post: My Other LifeThat woman she’s got eyes that shine.
Like a pair of stolen polished dimes.
She asked to  dance I said it’s fine.
outfit post: My Other Lifeoutfit post: My Other LifeMy head and heart are spinning. Not even sure if there's one particular reason. But I'm going to tell you: I want to step off. Just for a little bit. To catch my breath and hear my own thoughts. I'm dizzy. 

Too much on my plate? Maybe too many plates. Spinning. And now it seems the opportunities being heaped up on said plate feel a tad overwhelming + I'm caught in some Dervish undertow of letting everybody down.

Afraid of disappointing. YOU, for one. Whatever you think I am, or need me to be, I need a little elbow room to be true to size-  a real life person who has her own way of seeing things, of taking life in. And failing.
I'm not always equipped with a pithy remark, or the right attitude. I get hot, feel petty and melt down. I have zero intentions of painting myself into a portrait of perfection or airing out my foibles like laundry drying on a line- no spin cycle on this model- let me make myself clear. 

One thing I am clear on- no matter appearances there is always more to it. An invisible world that spins over the one you see- the other life. As someone once told me: there's 3 sides to every story. Which I take to mean that there's never one way of looking at things. Half full. Half empty. The same cup comes with a multiple choice. One refill please. 

And let's make it a double.
outfit post: My Other Life
Now Wearing: 
  • hearts for eyes
  • d.i.y. blue t-shirt shrug
  • heart pin- courtesy of Crimson and Clover
  • cotton floral sundress- Target
  • Let Them Eat Cake, textile shoulder bag, Krazy Mary's
  • d.i.y. yellow lace bracelet
  • heart on sleeve
  • unromantic gray socks
  • my new clogs from Target
outfit post: My Other Life

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