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Outfit Post: Eye of the Needle

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz
Outfit Post: Eye of the Needle
The punchline here, is CAMEL. As in color, as in textile. Camel hair wool is an enduring fabric. I love the richness of its color- the beige has lots of yellow, and is one of the few beiges that doesn't drain the color from my olive skin tone. I think it looks classy, and have always wanted a great camel hair coat. I think I've finally found mine. This is a glorious beast of a coat, an oversize vintage wool coat with an opulent satin lining. It's loose fitting and big, and I love the detail in the back, that curve of the back belt- so insouciant and elegant, if you ask me.
Outfit Post: Eye of the Needle
The great thing about classics is that they look good no matter what era you're wearing them. This vintage coat is from the 1950s, but looks so fresh and modern still, very Celine, very Phoebe Philo's Chloe, circa 2010, with the clean lines, slouchy cut and simple but strong detailing of the offset big buttons in front, the swoop of a belt in the back.

Outfit Post: Eye of the Needle

Calling It In: Camel Coats Transcend the Trends, and are Always In

In the photo above, I'm pretending not to notice the camera, I'm a busy plus forty fashionista talking on the phone while those ubiquitous street fashion photographers are snapping away at one of my many glorious outfits. In my mind, the uber handsome Lee Oliveria has run up to take this shot, because his keen eye can spot style when he sees it. LOL! I'm a big fan of street style photography, and have a big monster crush of Lee, after meeting him a year or so ago. It would definitely be a quite the fashion flattery to see my mug on the pages of some splashy street style glossy! 
Outfit Post: Eye of the Needle

It would definitely be harder than getting a camel through the eye of a needle, than to get me captured by the likes of Mr. Oliveria, or a Phil OhWayne Tippets or thee Bill Cunningham, but a girl wearing a classic coat in camel hair, can definitely dream. 
Outfit Post: Eye of the Needle

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