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Outfit Post: Cinnamon Girl

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz

outfit post: Cinnamon Girl

Sweet & Spicy: Bella gets into the Fall ready hues of cream, tans, and cinnamon.

People I am soooo ready for Fall. Perhaps it shows by my recent craving to wear all sorts of shades of browns, tans and creams. All of a sudden my love of pop colors (bright reds, cobalts and white/navy) have taken a back seat to a more demure color scheme. I think this happens to me every August, but each time it feels like I am falling in love with Autumn for the first time. So, here's to a late summer blaze of skin paired with subtle shades of creams, caramels and cinnamon.

outfit post: Cinnamon Girl

Falling for Fall. Hurry Up!

outfit post: Cinnamon Girl

Grey Matters: Pale Grey with Cinnamon browns and cream just scream Fall to me.

Now Wearing: 
  • Mui-Mui sunglasses
  • thrifted grey denim jacket w/ bell sleeves, Thrift Town
  • cotton paisley print cotton sundress with bubble hem, freebie pile
  • awesome Nepalese textile shoulder bag, Krazy Mary's
  • plastic tortoise-shell cuff 
  • MIA tan leather/rope espadrille wedges,  online
outfit post: Cinnamon Girl
Ann of Annimal House texted me the photo below. She saw it when she was shopping the jumble sale at the Verge Center for the Arts.  Apparently my one of my Moo Blogger cards inspired someone to make a sign out of it- a directive for the folks of the Verge to not set off the alarm. Since I'm quite a bossy-mossy in real life, I think it's funny that my image helps boss around artistic sorts in an art space.
outfit post: Cinnamon Girl

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