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Outfit Post: Causual Friday

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz

outfit post: Causual Friday

Going for Casual: simple tee and shorts paired with vintage bolo tie and suede moccasin booties.

I've been feeling direct,my
cause and effect

I've been looking to simplify my life while at the same time adding complications to it. Because complications come with pleasure buttons, but simplicity comes with peace of mind. I'm coming to terms that my past decisions & present actions have consequence. And I'm taking my lumps. Where I intended to go, and where I might end up may have different street addresses; it is my most recent desire to start matching up intent with destinations. Today, I'm dressed for necessary and sufficent; after all is causual Friday.  There are places I want to go, but I'm not always sure how I can get there.  All I can say for sure, is that I want to be where I can feel happy, and positively affect the happiness of others.

outfit post: Causual Friday

Hindsight being 20/20, I'm glad I scored these booties for $5 at Goodwill

Now Wearing: 
  • vintage Kennedy coin bolo tie, Goodwill
  • old tee, GAP
  • thrifted shorts
  • suede $5 booties, Goodwill
wishing you all a happy Friday, folks and a grand weekend! 

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