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Outfit Post: 100% Thrifted (Neon + Camo)

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz
outfit post: 100% Thrifted (Neon + Camo)

outfit post: 100% Thrifted (Neon + Camo)

There's no hiding it: Neon Sweater + Camo T-shirt + Wide Legged Jeans = 100% Thrifted.

My recent visit (ok, it was a month ago!) to the Goodwill has been gracing the pages of this blog lately. Boy, did those sweaters, coat and whatnot come in handy! Seen here for the first time: yours truly wearing wide-legged jeans. Seriously, I've been a devoted TEAM SKINNY JEAN player for years now, but this pair of stretchy creased denim pants really captured my heart. To be honest, I'm not sure what to wear with them or how to wear them so you may see some future fashion missteps. Bear With. Still gonna try. Today, they are paired with a vintage neon yellow men's sweater and a T-shirt found in the boy's department. The cardigan has been my constant companion (READ: been wearing it non-stop) for over 2 weeks now. And there's no sign of abatement. Expect to see more of it in the coming months; it's neon cheerfulness is my panacea for Seattle's cloudy gray days.
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outfit post: 100% Thrifted (Neon + Camo)

Mix it, Thrift it: this first rate secondhand outfit set me back less than $25. Score!

 Now Wearing: 
  • Knit cap, freebie
  • Vintage '50's cashmere black coat, gifted
  • Vintage '60's men's neon yellow acrylic cardigan, Goodwill
  • .99 cent camo T-shirt from the Boy's Dept, Goodwill
  • Leather belt w/ brass buckle, This N That Thrift
  • INC. wide leg stretch jeans, Goodwill
  • Ruby + Bloom Chelsea non-leather boots, Thrift Town

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