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Our Secret Project Revealed

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
THANK YOU for your patience! We are almost there. Our Secret Project Revealed
OK everyone! After talking about this for like ever, I am finally going to let you guys in on our big secret.  Our? Well I have a partner in crime on this endeavour, you have met her before on the blog... my good friend Cheryle Rhuda- creative genius seamstress.
  We actually decided to go into business over a year ago after a challenging day. Problem was we're both overly ADD and had way too many ideas to narrow down, so we took a little thinking break. Well that didn't last long. Enter a client's project. Remember this hack... Pax Wardrobes that I covered with mirror and some vintage overlays and trim?
Our Secret Project Revealed Here was the cabinets before... bleh. Our Secret Project Revealed
Well, after searching for more overlays I found they were either a) really hard to find b) really expensive  or c) really boring patterns- think radiator covers or garden trellis. Also the originals were made from balsa wood and they had rough edges and sanding was a pain!
So after many months of researching and designing Cheryle and I found a way to make our own overlays.  We had so many ideas of places and things to attach them to. But we needed to focus. We started on drawer fronts and went from there. For example, here is a MALM I had. I was tired of the dark wood, so I painted it. I then attached  the overlays and voila! 
Before... Our Secret Project Revealed
After... Our Secret Project Revealed
Our Secret Project Revealed
Now it looks like a custom fretwork paneled dresser for a small fraction of what one would cost. We also designed a size compatible for a RAST dresser...
(I had child labor in its assembly) Our Secret Project Revealed
Our Secret Project Revealed AFTER... Our Secret Project Revealed
Currently we have 4 patterns, and 3 sizes.  We have 2 more patterns and a few more sizes in the works.  They are lightweight and are also paintable.  Our Secret Project Revealed
The applications for these are endless. We played around with them...  Our Secret Project Revealed
Our Secret Project Revealed
Our Secret Project Revealed
We have put them over mirrors, incorporated them with crown moldings, around doorways and on glass paneled doors/ windows, along table aprons, on headboards, on cabinet door fronts and as artwork. The list goes on and on.
We are planning on launching the website next week, but we really need your help.  We are stuck on a name for this product and we need your opinions. We are letting you guys decide our name. 
We are kicking around:  Flair O'verlay or Overlaid  (sorry my mind is in the gutter and its real happy there)   Garnish
 Do you like any or none? Do you have a better suggestion?
We also would love to know what size you'd want to see us make.
Please comment and give us your 2 cents,  we need it more than ever.    We are offering an incentive for your advise....$50 gift card towards the product. We will randonmly choose a winner and announce the day of the launch.
Let us know your suggestions, we are all ears!
Love,    Danika & Cheryle

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