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Our Own Southern Belle

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
I was walking by the girls' room when I saw Holly stretched out on a twin bed. Her head rested on a pillow and her legs stretched nearly to the foot board. As I went by, she didn't even lift her head to make sure I was supposed to be in the house. She simply rolled her eyes to see who was at the door.

If Holly was human, I'd say her personality was that of a Gone With The Wind Southern Belle. She's strong when she wants to be, with a bark that frightens people away from the front door. When we're home together during the day, she stays close, needing regular attention. After a long walk she takes to her bed for a nap. I imagine her standing with the back of her hand on her head saying that she must rest before she can continue on with her day as she ascends the stairs to her bedroom.

Even though we live with the Southern Belle most of the time, I'm certain that she already knew I was in the door frame. If I had been a stranger, I doubt I would have gotten up the stairs. I think her eye roll to confirm my identity was just to let me know that she was not to be disturbed. 

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