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Our Mothers Were Better Than Us; Modern Mums Missing Traditional Skills

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
300px Victoria sponge cake Our Mothers Were Better Than Us; Modern Mums Missing Traditional Skills

Victoria sponge cake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our Mothers Were Better Than Us; Modern Mums Missing Traditional Skills

It seems us mums are becoming far too lazy according to this new report and should be making more time to do more things. Traditional household skills are drying out because we are too busy or too lazy as the case maybe to learn those skills our mothers had- making pastry, baking and sewing buttons are amongst the list. Researchers found mothers struggle with the skills that their own mothers had.

I admitted I don’t bake with my kids and I have no desire to make jam, and I do not alter clothes for the simple fact they don’t fit the kids long enough to care.

The study also found most modern mums wished they had the skills their own mothers had but said they didn’t have the time or patience to learn them.

The research was commissioned by Neff as part of their Bake It Yourself campaign. Who conducted the study on 1,000 mums under 35 and 1,000 mums over 45?

Sue Flowers, Brand Manager for Neff, said: “We know that modern mums are under different pressures today compared with 40 years ago. As a result, many mums find it difficult to do some of the daily tasks their own mums may have done. However, our research has shown that many do want to learn how to do these things and feel as passionate as we do about ensuring skills such as baking and sewing don’t die out.”

Our local Sure Start center ran a cooking course a few months ago and I was invited along, but to be honest I don’t want to learn how to cook more healthy meals, trust me cooking for 10 each night is bad enough without spending even more time ensuring its completely healthy.

The survey found nine out of ten younger mums don’t know how to starch a shirt, while more than half struggle to sew name tags in their children’s clothes.

Why would you starch a shirt? You can buy a brand new dazzling white one from Primark for a few quid? I pay an extra £2 and the seamstress attaches all the kids name tags onto their uniforms.

I had no idea that gravy could be made from scratch, I buy Bisto and I add hot water and presto. What is a Victoria Sponge? Oh a cake you mean? Yes Asda makes delicious ones.

You may be amazed to know that I can knit, my grandmother taught me. I can knit a square anyway and that counts right?

Young mums were also more likely to try and pass off shop bought products like cakes and sauces as their own with 34% admitting to taking credit for something they bought. – I do this all the time and my friends think I am amazing.

Sue Flowers from Neff added: ”We all like to rely on our mom for help and advice, which is why it’s such a shame that younger mums today find themselves too busy to enjoy time spent baking with their children and other traditional tasks.”

I ask you my dear readers; Were our mothers better than us? Are Mums These Days Missing Traditional Skills?


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