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By Fashionvisuals @fashion_visuals

Here at The Fashion Visuals we love all things beauty, and we are always searching for new and in-expensive ways to enrich our beauty regimes. Whether it’s for our hair, body or face we love to experiment with new products. We have picked our favourites to share with you, see what you guys think.

Yes To Carrots Leave-In Conditioner –


Personally I love the Yes To Carrots range, they are all made of natural ingredients which nourish your hair from root to tip. The Yes To Carrots Leave-In Conditioner delivers a mix of proteins and Argan Oil deep into the hair cuticle for serious restructuring and rejuvenating benefits. I have only been using it regularly for around a month and I can already see a change in my hair. Not only does it condition and soften, but it helps fight frizz too. It is one of my favorite leave in hair products.

Benefit That Gal Primer –


I find it quite difficult to find a primer which I love and can use on a daily basis, I came across the Benefit That Gal Primer when I got a sample of it in their Confessions of a Concealaholic set and found it a great beauty product. This primer differs from the usual primer in that it has a glimmer shine to it. A good primer can really make your skin flawless, but a primer with brightening effect can make your skin look more attractive and eye catching. This is a great product to use if you want a quick bronze glow without applying any foundation over it, you can even apply this primer over your foundation to give your cheeks a bronzing glow.

St.Moritz Instant Self Tanning Mousse


I am a self confessed self-tan addict when it comes to nights out, I can’t go out without it, so when it comes to choosing the right one I look for both the price and quality. St.Moritz is a cheap but in no way lesser quality version of St.Tropez fake tan, even though it’s a fraction of its price at £2.99 it’s just as fantastic. I love this tan, it makes you look like you have had a week in the sun, and if you apply it with a tanning mitt it appears virtually streak free!  This product goes on dark, very dark, and will make your skin look quite greasy if you use it on your face, so I wouldn’t want to apply it through the day and go to work in it. But if you go to bed in it, sleep, and shower in the morning, you will be left with a beautiful golden tan underneath.

Soap and Glory Smoothie Body Milk –


I like to change body moisturiser now and again so my skin doesn’t get too used to the product and not work as well, so for Christmas I received this Soap and Glory Smoothie Body Milk and was eager to try it. I was very impressed with this product, even though I’d grown tired of the smell of Soap and Glory products in recent months, this product had something different. The smell isn’t the generic Soap and Glory smell you would usually expect; it has a much lighter ‘popcorn’ scent to it which I love. I sometimes get frustrated with slow drying, sticky moisturisers so when I applied this body milk I didn’t expect anything else however, it dried very fast without leaving a sticky feeling what so ever, so I definitely recommend this product.

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