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Our Elected ‘representatives’ Really Do Think We’re Sheep, Says Congressman X in New Book

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

A new book, The Confessions of Congressman X, authored by a reportedly Democratic but anonymous Congressman, confirms every suspicion we have about our elected so-called “representatives”:

  • They think the American people, whom they were elected to serve and represent, are naive, ignorant, “self-absorbed” (a case of the pot calling the kettle black), and easily manipulated sheep.
  • They spend all their time soliciting money for their reelection.
  • They don’t read the bills on which they vote.
  • Like the American people whom they deride as seeking only instant gratification, our elected representatives in Congress also seek only the instant gratification of power for power’s sake, of getting reelected (to do nothing), leaving America’s ever-mounting problems for the next generation.

sheeple watch TV
David Martosko reports for Daily Mail, May 12, 2016, that the 84-page tell-all book’s publisher, the small Minnesota-based “vanity” Mill City Press, describes The Confessions of Congressman X as “a devastating inside look at the dark side of Congress as revealed by one of its own. No wonder Congressman X wants to remain anonymous for fear of retribution. His admissions are deeply disturbing.”

Confessions of Congressman X
The exposé is due in bookstores in two weeks, and Washington is abuzz with speculation about who may have written it. A website set up to sell the book discloses that the author is a Democrat.

Most of the excerpts that appear on the book jacket will come as little surprise to Americans who are cynical about the political process:

“Most of my colleagues are dishonest career politicians who revel in the power and special-interest money that’s lavished upon them. My main job is to keep my job, to get reelected. It takes precedence over everything. Fundraising is so time consuming I seldom read any bills I vote on. Like many of my colleagues, I don’t know how the legislation will be implemented, or what it’ll cost.

The book also portrays voters as disconnected idiots who let Congress abuse its power through sheer incompetence: “Voters are incredibly ignorant and know little about our form of government and how it works. It’s far easier than you think to manipulate a nation of naive, self-absorbed sheep who crave instant gratification.”

The author also criticizes Congress, the very institution of irresponsibility he’s in, for sacrificing America’s future on the altar of its collective ego: “We spend money we don’t have and blithely mortgage the future with a wink and a nod. Screw the next generation. It’s about getting credit now, lookin’ good for the upcoming election.”


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