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Our E3 Predictions for 2012

Posted on the 28 May 2012 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii
Our E3 Predictions for 2012
With E3 right around the corner, we have decided to share our predictions for the huge gaming convention.
Sam's Predictions:
1. PS3 price drop down to $200  
2. Some cool new Playstation IPs
3. God of War Ascension gameplay footage
Our E3 Predictions for 20124. Halo 4 footage

5. A buttload of PS Vita Talk

6. Final Fantasy Versus Release Date finally announced
7. Kingdom Hearts 3, ANYTHING WOULD BE NICE!
8. New Smash Brothers game for Wii U
9. GTA V release to be set to Q1 2013
10. Infamous 3 reveal 
Jean's Predictions:
1. Sony will be very aggressively pushing the Vita. Need for Speed, Burnout, Sly Cooper, Playstation All Stars Battle Royale Vita, and God of War Vita will be announced if not playable. More information on Soul Sacrifice.

2. PS Vita versions of Oddworld, Super Monkey Ball, Little Big Planet, Jet Set Radio, Persona 4, Smart As all playable. More details on the Nioppon Ichi 20th Anniversary Title. 3. Push for PSN content like Doctor Who: Eternity Clock and Retro City Rampage. 4. Nintendo will release the final specs and release date window of the Wii U. Price to come after the show. Our E3 Predictions for 20125. Last year's show, Nintendo's emphasis was on the Wii U controller. Now we will get filled in on the OS. Social integration, apps, and full game downloads via an updated market Wii-U Shop highlighted. 6. Final titles for the Wii in North America will include releases of Pandora's Tower and Fatal Frame 2. 7. More integration with 3DS, Wii U Tekken will have a 3DS companion title. Extensions of Naruto series on wii U and 3DS announced by D3Publisher. Mirror of Fate and Lords of Shadow 2 Wii U will connect to unlock content. Some teaser information of Smash Universe and communication between the two formats. 8. 3DS eShop and Wii U Shop will feature more downloads of full version JRPGs and first time western releases. Project X Zone will have a limited physical release and simultaneous digital release. 9. Microsoft to aggressively focus on XBox Live content. More Kinect functionality to be added to the dashboard. 10. Possible redesign of the Kinect. 11. No 3DS Lite this year.
Whitney's Predictions:

Our E3 Predictions for 20121. Vita price drop
2. Final Wii U design and demo
3. Several Wii U game announcements, Star Fox, Metroid, Super Mario Bros, Pikmin 3, etc.
4. Second price drop on PS3, 360 is possible in order to compete with the upcoming Wii U (not that that will be a problem)
5. GTA V trailer
6. Half life 3 announcement
7. Castlevania for the 3ds
8. Playable demos of the last of us, luigis mansion, and paper Mario for the 3ds, possibly Pokemon black and white 2
9. Microsoft announcement for the kinect (price drop, new update, new unit refusing)
10. More skylanders stuff, possible trailer/demo for skylanders giants

11. Jaime Kennedy Appearance!

Lante's Predictions:
Well I know the pundits have already eliminated much of the hopes and dreams of gamers out there but this is my wish-list regardles. And it's Playstaton only! Sorry to you other fanboys out there.
1. SOME sort of look into the future of the PlayStation. If not the PS4 in the form of graphics and possibility of multiplayer gaming then rather show us some new and jaw-dropping accessories and easier accessibility. 

1.1 Hardware that will compliment the gaming experience, particularly local/LAN gaming, case example, the recent 3d display w/ goggles that allows multiple users separate game time on one screen, showcased in last year's E3. 

Our E3 Predictions for 2012
1.2 Software that will make it easier for gamers to connect and share experiences. Heard of Sony's cloud gaming project. I see capital gains at the forefront of that endeavor. What i would love to see is PlayStation Home revitalization. The PS Home, at it's core, could be used to control and connect gamers in ways only our kids will understand. Full of fantastic opportunities.   2. Games...lots and lots of stunning games with lots and lots of "i cant believe what im seeing" moments please. It's 2012. Stop slowing down the inevitable, we aren't getting any younger and here's the PS's chance to take over the industry. They're already ahead hardware wise. Let's see some exclusives that will make other fanboys wanna smash their machines. 3. Plenty of cross platform emphasis between PS3 and Vita. In fact i'm sure the Vita will headline a chunk of the PS segment overall. 4. Hailstorm of PSN content and external services that should be more attractive than they are at the moment. With access to these services outside of the US. (I hate it when i see that this service is only accessible in the US). Better options and bonuses for  PlayStation Plus subscribers :)
Aske's Predictions: 1. Rockstar will hopefully give us some more info on GTAV, possibly a release date.
Our E3 Predictions for 2012
2. Microsoft will possibly show us teh new Xbox models and maybe either a redesign of kinect or a new version. 3. A release date on the Wii U from Nintendo. 4. A possible lowering in price on the PS Vita by Sony and, new games for the Vita. 5. A possible announcement on Half Life 3 Myles' Predictions: 1. GTA V trailer/details
2. Big new 3DS game (new Zelda maybe)
3. Wii U release date & price
4. PS Vita Price drop and big new game reveals
5. (this one is out there I know but I'm hoping for it) Kane & Lynch 3
Our E3 Predictions for 2012
Monday, June 4

Microsoft - 9:30 AM
Electronic Arts - 1:00 PM
Ubisoft - 3:00 PM
Sony - 6:00 PM
Tuesday, June 5
Nintendo - 9:00 AM

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