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Our Brains Are Full of Stuff

By Slvintage @SLVintage
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OUR BRAINS ARE FULL OF STUFFHusband and I were watching an American talent competition show on television the other day.  A man in his fifty's came onto the stage.  He was wearing a dated sweater and sported a hair style that was reminiscent of the days of Don King.  As he stood there, no one was quite sure what his particular brand of talent was, nor were we sure there was any talent at all!  Then the music started and he crooned the theme song of the "Love Boat".  The mostly young crowd in the venue went wild, they were on their feet, reacting very loudly and positively to a man who was obviously guilty of living in the past.  He had a very lovely voice, but the cheese factor was high!
The judges' reactions were mixed.  I think he even got a resounding 'X' from one.  The crowd was changing "Vegas, Vegas, Vegas...".  The "4th" judge had obviously wanted this contestant to go through to the next round.
OUR BRAINS ARE FULL OF STUFFI was loving all of this.  But we were surprised by how much the mostly 20 something audience loved the act.  Whether mockingly done or not, the judges seemed divided.  So they asked the contestant to perform more in kind.  The crowd joined in when he started the finger snapping to the "Addams Family" theme, then "Green Acres".  Howie Mandel looked very pleased and so was I.
For the rest of the evening, Husband and I were trying to think up more theme shows with catchy songs.  I was (somewhat) shocked by how many I knew!  There are also many with just music and no lyrics (that we are aware of yet).
Why is this such a "happy place" for us?  I suppose I could spend some time trying to figure it out.  Or not.  Maybe I should just let it be and be content with the fact that "...Green Acres is the place to be" and "...pleasant dreams to you..." cause "...we're gonna make it after all..."

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