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Our Bookshelves - Part Two

By Sue15cat
Our Bookshelves - Part Two
Another day another bookcase.
This unit, also an ex shop display shelf from my little shop in Cumbria before our change of lifestyle, holds a mix of dvds and books.  The bottom three compartments are the books.  It's ideal for holding the books that are just too tall for the other shelves shown yesterday.
Our Bookshelves - Part Two
On the far left shelf an eclectic mix of cook books, tips on how to do things and nature books.  A couple of my favourites on here are the Commoners Cottage by Francis Mountford and a book I was lucky enough to get at a car boot sale for just 20p ... a signed copy of Ian Niall's book Country Notes.   He wrote for Country Life for years and it is a brilliantly relaxing read.  Also tucked in at the left hand side hidden from view by the bigger books sticking out are the two Sex and the City books ... there I told you a very eclectic mix!!
Our Bookshelves - Part Two
The middle section holds mostly cookery books, in fact looking at it closer I think they are all cookbooks.  The Riverford recipe folder at the end was a gift from a Blog reader, how nice is that.  I love getting books as gifts, they always seem special..
  I've just double checked and the book that is end on on top of the others, is in fact a gardening book ... 'A Little Light Weeding' ... picked up a charity shop the other week, written by Richard Briers.
Our Bookshelves - Part Two
The final section of these shelves is mostly gardening, growing type books, but I seem to have slotted a couple of cook books on the top.  Jamie should be with the other Jamie books on the main bookshelf but there is no room for this, his latest book over there.  I feel a sort out will be called for soon, to keep authors in their own sections and not visiting in places where they shouldn't be ;-)
Our Bookshelves - Part Two
Now I have to own up ..... to some hidden books.
Our Bookshelves - Part Two
Lurking in this cupboard at the side of the fireplace (and one of the few surviving original features of this one hundred year old house), are the books that were going to go on the bookshelves that Lovely Hubby promised to build at the end of the breakfast bar when we re-jigged the kitchen.  Needless to say this job isn't as urgent as some others so has been put further down the list for a while. 
 Meanwhile the books that were destined to go on the shelves continue to live in the cupboard.  And maybe I might have added a few newer purchases to them since the originals were put in there on moving day ;-)
Today's book total is 114 out of our total of 619
Do you still want to see more or are you all booked out.....?
Sue xx

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