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Otra Vez

By Comowater @Como_Water

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Otra Vez

The scales of justice have once again tipped in the favor of organized authority…

This past weekend I said, “bon voyage” to one of my closest friends who will be traveling to Brazil for a year. As we sat around her table and ate breakfast, we engaged in a discussion — who is there to police the police? And importantly, how do we create a national dialogue about it? How do we create unity when the issue (on the surface) is so divisive? How can ALL communities, not only those that are privileged, stand up for their rights, be portrayed accurately in the media, and make real change?

The conversation was a blessing. And while we cannot do everything all at once all by ourselves. We can do something, anything, today, in solidarity. So, with that I give you a step, a potential step, towards standing for justice:

THIS SATURDAY, December 13th, they’ll be a a National March Against Police Brutality in Washington DC. If your means allow it, come out, stand up, and help protect the rights of humanity. As WEB DuBois said, “a system cannot fail those it was never meant to protect.” Well, it’s time to create a new system, a system meant to protect ALL people.


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