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Oriflame Possess Eau De Parfum Review & Price

By Jhilmil D Saha @jhilmildsaha
Nothing is more memorable than a smell. One scent can be unexpected, momentary and fleeting, yet conjure up a childhood summer beside a lake in the mountains. This quote by poet Diane Ackerman cannot be more true. I love my scents and I believe if you are making something good, either give it a good scent, or just leave it like that!! I have been trying various forms of scents lately, a mixture of body mists, and perfumes and today I will be talking about Oriflame Possess Eau De Parfum.
Oriflame Possess Eau De Parfum Review & PriceAbout Oriflame Possess Eau De Parfum:Timeless, sparkling yet intensely seductive, Possess Eau de Parfum embodies the provocative allure of Cleopatra, whose legendary powers of seduction brought Mark Antony to his knees. Laced with intoxicatingly tempting notes of ylang ylang, this sexy, luminous fragrance leaves no one indifferent as it casts a hypnotic spell of attraction.
Oriflame Possess Eau De Parfum Review & Price
Price:Rs.2999 for 50 ml Available hereOriflame Possess Eau De Parfum Review & Price
Packaging: Oriflame Possess Eau De Parfum comes in a deep purple coloured cardboard packaging and on the inner flip the pictorial instruction is given to open the perfume bottle. The glass bottle is transparent with a golden spray cap that is adorned by carved chain around the neck and can be locked and unlocked.
Oriflame Possess Eau De Parfum Review & Price
My Experience: I can write pages on perfume, not exaggerating, I really mean it. And specially for this one. The Oriflame Possess Eau De Parfum has ignited very old memories. It smells so much like one of my favorite perfumes ever. It was my first fragrance purchase ever!! Read this to know about my favorite fragrances. Well,the packaging of Oriflame Possess Eau De Parfum is very pretty, specially the chain like carving around the neck has given a a very classic getup. The fragrance is a beautiful cocktail of fruity flavours, citrus sensuality and spicy spark. The opening notes marks a strong and sweet fruity aroma mixed with pineapple & grapefruit. The heart has a concoction of orange blossom & ylang ylang while the spicy base is a mix of Sri Lankan sandalwood, patchoulli and vanilla.
Oriflame Possess Eau De Parfum Review & Price
Oriflame Possess Eau De Parfum is a fine fragrance, for the mystic and sensuous woman who can speak a thousand words with the corner of her eyes. It is intoxicating, deep and is for the magnanimous woman to who can be magnetically attractive. The fragrance is long lasting. The strong notes leaves a lot of sandalwood & vanilla with a surprising tickle of fruity notes. I simply love the Oriflame Possess Eau De Parfum and very happy that finally I have found out the long lost fragrance which was my first purchase.
Rating:4.75/5 (may not be suitable for those who likes light fragrances)
Oriflame Possess Eau De Parfum Review & PriceOriflame Possess Eau De Parfum Review & Price
Oriflame Possess Eau De Parfum is a beautiful perfume for those who love warm and inviting fragrances. It is definitely an evening wear perfume and the tempting touch of fruity and spicy notes gives it a strong aroma which is pleasant and long lasting.
Oriflame Possess Eau De Parfum Review & Price

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