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Organic Lassie Now On Formspring: Ask Me Anything!

By Organiclassie @OrganicLassie

FormspringFor as long as I have followed blogs on tumblr, they have always had this widget where readers can ask the blogger anything. I think it’s a fantastic widget. If used correctly you can really engage with your readers and learn more about each other.

I recently found a website (or should that be desktop application?!) called formspring and I have signed up to it. So, I now have a page where you can ask me whatever you like! Obviously, anything insanely weird or offensive from trolls will be deleted. (I hope that I have ticked the correct privacy/public settings –  so far so good but I guess I will find out on that one!).

So, feel free to ask me anything on the content of my blogging journey:

  • Green beauty
  • Non-toxic Living
  • Holistic Well-being (Thyroid, allergies etc)
  • Free-From Food & Vegetarianism

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