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ORC-week four-Etsy Score!

By Kerrysteele @kerrysteeleart

Linda at Calling it Home has created this fabulous One Room Challenge on Wednesdays and its crazy lil' sister the ORC linking event on Thursdays. Check 'em out!
This is week 4, aka "holy shit!" week. The week where participants say to their significant other in a shrill tone, "You HAVE TO help me_________ NOW!"  The week of no dinners and perhaps a bit more wine than is good. If you missed them here are my  week one, week two and week three. Actually, I learned from the last time to tell ask Mr. Designdumonde to attend to a few things early on and they have been accomplished. So no screaming over here.  But! Shipping folks don't care about my ORC problems, therefore, the DIY I was going to show you ain't happening right now because FedEX and a certain store have delayed and delayed the ship date of the item to be DIYed.  Drat! (I actually said something much worse)
So here is the plan once again.
ORC-week four-Etsy score!
So I will show you my how my Etsy cart and a local store helped me in this room refresh.
 She already has the yellow chevron curtains and some blue and white porcelain that I scored at a local consignment store so my job was to find more blue and yellow items to complete the look.
ORC-week four-Etsy score!
I saw these darlings on Etsy and it took me about a tenth of a second to start checkout. Yay team yellow!
ORC-week four-Etsy score!
This pillow in John Robshaw fabric came from the Etsy shop Sierra Pillows
ORC-week four-Etsy score! This one is from Festive Home Decor on Etsy. 2 points for team blue!
Blue is kind of winning because I bought 2 of these also but who cares because its blue, right?
ORC-week four-Etsy score! Pillow from Royal Furnish
My favorite piece was not found on Etsy at all but in another local consignment store. I just couldn't wait any longer to show you.
ORC-week four-Etsy score!  Could you die!!? Well, this dummy looked at it and walked out of the store thinking, "I don't need a mirror" and didn't go back for like 5 days! One night lying in bed I started to think about the mirror, which was only $50 BTW, and thought to myself, "You are crazy stupid, Kerry. You can't get a good mirror at a big box store for that price!" The next day I crossed fingers and headed back, sure it was gone. In a matter of minutes it was mine. Yay!! The idea was to mix preppy, boho, and modern while accommodating her fickle ways and and budding art business and I think I am getting there with the mix of accessories I have so far.
 I would not spill all of my secrets on week 4 so stop by next week to see more of my plan unfold.
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