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ORC Linking Participant-art Day

By Kerrysteele @kerrysteeleart
ORC linking participant-art day
Thanks again to Linda of Calling it Home, for lighting a really big fire under me and about 70 more people. If you missed my progress on this guest bedroom/ college son's room, here are the previous weeks Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 You may remember one of my inspirations for this room included a gallery of portraits.
ORC linking participant-art day
Well I thought I had it covered, the wall that is. I took my photos on Tuesday afternoon and got around to uploading them around 10 pm. Panic city! I had not noticed until I looked at photos that the wall looked half dressed, a waist up situation. Where the heck was I going to get more portraits in time? The answer was in my studio. I was up until 3 am creating.
ORC linking participant-art day
I generally don't paint people but this was an emergency.
ORC linking participant-art day
I worked from photos and this guy was loosely based on the statue of David.
ORC linking participant-art day
This was just a random man with glasses.
ORC linking participant-art day
It was late and I still needed one more so I did a simple gestural self portrait from a blurry reflection. I had it on Instagram and someone commented on my beard. Funny, very funny.
ORC linking participant-art day
These are linocut prints by my grandmother and the portrait of the gentleman in blue is a painting she did of her father. There is also a portrait of my great-great grandfather too.
ORC linking participant-art day
Under the baby portrait is a linocut of a man playing guitar and I found it particularly apt since my son (Mr. Death Metal Maniac) plays guitar.
ORC linking participant-art day
Earlier this week, I posted about this commissioned portrait of my son as a baby. The very talented Sam Kimura painted it. 

ORC linking participant-art day

"Mettle" oil on canvas by Kerry Steele

I painted this 36 x 36, titled "Mettle", specifically for the room.
ORC linking participant-art day

I found a spot for one more of my paintings above this bookshelf and tucked a small landscape by Sally Kelly in too. Our house is a revolving gallery. Things move from room to room, get sold, I paint something new and it starts all over. Don't be surprised if you see one of these in my shop in the future. My to do list is looking pretty good. Its funny how things get tacked on as you go, like painting three portraits in an all night frenzy.
To Do List  1. Throw away box of Mike's Hard Lemonade empties in the closet and scrub everything including carpet.
2.Paint walls
3. Source vintage furniture and accessories
4. Move Queen bed in
5. Install new light fixture
6. Trick out the bed with cool pillows
7. Hang curtains
8. Hang art including 2 custom paintings, wait let's make that 5

9. Final zhush
Come back next week for the whole enchilada and all of my sources! Like Design du Monde on Facebook for blog updates Like Kerry Steele Art on Facebook to see my latest artwork Follow me on Instagram to see paintings in progress

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