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ORC- DIY Storage Makeover

By Kerrysteele @kerrysteeleart
ORC- DIY storage makeover  Linda, from Calling it Home is the brainchild of this endeavor.
 Oh Linda! what a 5 weeks it has been! Thank you for hosting and giving everyone a chance to delve into the fun of the ORC.
As you are reading this I am whisking my artsy self to Charlotte, NC for the grand opening of Anne Neilson Fine Art. My commenting ability will be greatly reduced but I promise to read all of the fantastic ORC goodies over the weekend.
ORC- DIY storage makeover In order to corral my daughter's crap lotions and potions in an attractive way I tried to find an attractive solution. *sigh* After, much searching I decided that a cheapy storage cube was the answer since A.) I know she'll likely ruin it and B.) I could easily find the same fabric as the Etsy pillow I ordered and redo them. The girl likes matchy-matchy.
ORC- DIY storage makeover
I purchased two of these from from the wonders of Wal-mart *double sigh* They took freakin' forever to arrive! ORC- DIY storage makeover
I marked out what I needed on the wrong side.   ORC- DIY storage makeover
 The pattern was helpful to line up each edge.
ORC- DIY storage makeover
Electric staple guns are highly recommended.
ORC- DIY storage makeover
Bottom portion took about 30 minutes on each.
ORC- DIY storage makeover
ORC- DIY storage makeover
The top was not tough either.
ORC- DIY storage makeover
Styling has not happened yet but I got rid of a giant bunch of clutter with these.
In other news, she had a birthday.
This is what a 17 year-old looks like when you sing "Happy Birthday" and try to take a video.
ORC- DIY storage makeover
Smile! You're on mommy's blog!
That was cruel but I feel better now. Here is a sneak peek at the desk situation that the birthday girl has been using to create new work for her Etsy shop.
ORC- DIY storage makeover
Just a few things to wrap up before next week's reveal.
  • Desk and chair situation resolved
  • Implement new color scheme
  • Find storage for records
  • Find storage for cosmetics
  • Create gallery wall
  • Accessorize within new color scheme
Head on back to Calling it Home to see all of the cool stuff going on in the other linking participant's rooms.
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