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Orange Sunshine Martini

By Creativeculinary @CreativCulinary

Orange Sunshine MartiniOrange Sunshine Martini

Orange Sunshine Martini

Seriously this habit of posting late is getting to be a a true habit, good or bad I'm not sure. I just had a moment one day of not wanting to finish a blog post at 9:30pm and that's how it started. Photos and entire post were postponed for the next morning but then other things happened and it became noon and then, well, here I am. A lot. So, I need some volunteers to come over and help me make a whole bunch of cocktails so I can get ahead of the curve. Because the thing is with cocktails, considering I actually make them with real ingredients and all...I can't do 3 or 4 in one day. Well, guess I could but it would not be pretty. You might not see evidence of a post at ALL!

And I hope you agree that would be a shame. Because I love doing this and I really love discovering the boundless ways that liquor can be combined to create something new and different and yes, delicious! I mentioned in my post for this Sonama Goat Cheese Torta that I had tried the Organic Sunshine Martini at Seasons 52. Their menu indicates that it is just two ingredients, Orange-infused Prairie Organic Vodka and Agave Nectar. While I've borrowed (completely stolen) their name, I did add some of my own touches and really loved this vibrant and cheery drink which is sort of a combined mimosa and martini and it is so simple and so good!

We're anticipating a huge snowstorm this weekend. In most years our forecast of 12-18 inches of snow would be big but considering what the Northeast has seen this year, that seems paltry doesn't it? But it's not; it's still a big storm and I wanted to make something that both celebrated the season of citrus (now) with a vibrant, pretty cocktail that was spirit lifting. I'm also roasting a huge pork butt to use for Cubano sandwiches. I've wanted/needed an excuse to make them ever since I saw the movie 'Chef.' This weekend just sounded like the right time; we're going to need some warmth and some cheer; and I'm thinking these two should do it.

Orange Sunshine Martini

I didn't have the vodka that was used at the restaurant but it seemed simple enough to make my own. Infusing spirits is easy; add some fruit or herbs to vodka and wait two days. It's not like making a liqueur when you add sugar to the mix and wait 2-4 weeks. You just want a touch of that flavor in vodka that is used in cocktails. Because it is a short brewing time, I simply added orange slices, pith and all. If you were using a stronger proof and letting it meld longer, that would be a mistake because the pith can be bitter, but for this quicker brewing time it was not an issue. Use a decent vodka, neither too cheap or too pricey, medium is just right! Right before I strained it, I muddled it a bit too to extract a bit more of the juice. This vodka is so good I could almost drink it straight and thinking that for summer I'll do that; freeze it and serve it as icy shots.

Orange Sunshine Martini

For the sparkling part of this cocktail I used Freixenet; a Spanish Cava that is named after the Ferrer family's 13 th century family home in La Freixeneda (literally meaning a place where ash trees grow in Catalan). A combination of 35% Macabeo, 25% Xarel·lo and 40% Parellada grapes, Freixenet Cava has an exceptional, fresh, fruity style and a lingering aroma and one that I have enjoyed on its' own. Discovering this review on Wine Spectator, 'This shows more finesse than many of its peers, displaying a subtle juiciness, joined by aromatic apricot, quince, mandarin orange and almond notes. Finely meshed, with a lightly spiced finish,' I decided that it would be the perfect partner for this citrus based cocktail.

Orange Sunshine Martini

Here's to Cubanos, citrus and snow all in one weekend. Who's coming over?

Orange Sunshine Martini
  • 2 oz vodka (orange infused if you prefer)
  • 1 oz orange liqueur (I use Citronge)
  • 1 oz OJ
  • 1 oz Agave Nectar or Simple Syrup
  • Chilled Cava
  • Orange wheels for garnish
  1. Put all ingredients except Cava into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously until mixture is icy cold.
  2. Pour into chilled glasses, top with sparkling wine and garnish with an orange wheel.

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