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Opinions Are Like DOT DOT DOT…

Posted on the 07 June 2012 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Opinions Are Like DOT DOT DOT… Well, it is once again time for one of my lovely fang-pinions and it might not be pretty so there is a caution warning attached to this post! Read at your own risk.

Opinions Are Like DOT DOT DOT…

As most of you know, I am pretty damn vocal about my opinions and will stick to them like glue. However, with that being said, that does not mean I am not open to hearing other people’s opinions. I will not sit idly by though while the ones who offer up their ‘negative’ or otherwise opinions where True Blood is concerned are being labeled as ‘haters’ or ‘hate-sites’. Do people not realize how this sounds to others? It sounds STUPID and pretty damn hateful in and of itself is how it sounds. It sounds even more ridiculous to hear that the ‘sites’ that have these opinions are mostly ‘book’ sites and lovers of the ‘SSN’.

I hear this all the time and I quite frankly am tired of reading it wherever I go. It makes me feel really stabby and has me lashing out with a resounding

Opinions Are Like DOT DOT DOT…

The last time I checked EVERYONE was entitled to their own opinion as well as to VOICE it. I appreciate hearing all kinds of opinions, even if it goes against my own. This is the way of the world and there is another option if you do not like my(or other(s) said “OPINION’ and that is you do not have to read it. Hearing another person’s point of view helps to see things in a different light, and to come out with maybe a different way to look at a situation. It is why debates were made to happen in this world because there is a better understanding of a scenario to be had and it is how we all grow as individuals. Why can’t people feel free to express what’s on their mind, whether it be positive or negative? Food for thought, people, food for thought!

So my FANG-PINION for this upcoming season of TRUE BLOOD is to not label people as ‘HATERS’ simply because they do not share your opinion. This whole fandom will be a much better place without all those kinds of comments! With that being said, a person can always stick to the old adage, ‘OPINIONS ARE LIKE… in that everyone has one, so let them have it without all the immature backlash and the reposting of their opinion on TUMBLR so that everyone can get their knickers in a twist! I have one word for those kinds of immature tactics:

Opinions Are Like DOT DOT DOT…

*DISCLAIMER:We here at Eric and Sookie lovers are not a hate site, we are a shipper site and it goes without saying that anything that we dislike in regards to our favorite couple, we are going to voice it and in voicing it is how many others feel about the show as well.*

Poster of this site are allowed to share their thoughts both negative and positive because 1. they need to feel free to express their opinion(s) and 2. that we can’t be positive or negative 100% of the time and 3. it opens up discussions and debates that we love having here at this site.

If there is something that we did not like in the book series, that will be discussed as well, although those are very few and far in between. At this point in time, there just happens to be more happening in the show that most of us DO NOT like and WILL NOT like so until there is something to comment on about that we DID love, negative comments are to be expected about a show that used to hold so much promise, if not for the continuity issues.

Feel free to sound off on my/our FANG-PINION below, just remember that if you bite, I/we are sure to bite back, TEN FOLD!


From all of us at Eric and Sookie Lovers…DOT DOT DOT!

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