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Opinion Battles Round 9 Results

By Newguy

Opinion Battles Round 9 Results

For the first time in a long time we have actually got three places with no split points this time around. We had a big range of films that include two drifters, a prison escape, a downward spiral in a mental home, a fighter going against the odds, an epic journey, a hunt for a submarine, a cooking drama and a gangster real life story, but what film won?

Well in third we have the Lord of the Rings Trilogy selected by That Other Critic getting 2 points.

lord of rings

In second place we have Goodfellas selected by Khalid getting 5 points.


The winner this month is Shawshank Redemption selected by the most people Rob, Emma and S.G. Liput each getting 10 points.


The table now looks like,

1st Rob – 46.1

2nd Drew – 29.9

3rd Flicks Chicks – 28.9

4th Khalid – 28.6

5th Emma – 22.1

6th Kim – 20.4

7th S.G. Liput – 17.9

8th James – 12.9

9th Filmfunkel – 8.5

10th That Other Critic – 8

11th Darren

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