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OOTD#5: Simply Floral

By Roro @rorodiane
OOTD: Simply floral OOTD#5: Simply floral by maybeitsaboutroro featuring a fit and flare dress

Hey ladies!
I wore a simple floral dress with mustard-yellow heels at a friend’s farewell party. This is my third time to wear floral print (ridiculous right?) because I used to be doubtful/ hesitant of wearing florals and how it might look on me. Probably another reason was cause my mom used to forced me (possibly traumatized too) to wear girly clothes when I was little and I was having none of it. But I was powerless, my mama always win our disputes, she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with :o
So back to the present, I only own three floral-printed clothes but since I discovered my ‘experimental-side-in-fashion’, I plan to acquire more of it with different styles. I do have my eye on the trending floral pants.


My newfound love: floral prints!



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