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OOTD - Vintage Pastel Dress

By Megan Lillie @meganjanelillie
OOTD - Vintage Pastel DressHere's me channeling my inner 8 year old via this pastel beauty. I bought this 4 years ago from a Vintage Shop and I've pulled it out of my wardrobe every summer since. I love the high neckline and how it falls straight down giving little shape, something I don't usually go for. When I wear this I feel as if it's an outfit within itself so I think there's no need over accessorise because the dress is the vocal piece.
I wore this to work at Pretty Twisted, yet again to blend in with the theme of the shop. I'm really loving working there (see shop here) and I totally want to buy every piece of jewelry and every single dress that we stock. But, I'm saving for a car and a new camera so that won't be happening any time soon... A spending ban is needed!
OOTD - Vintage Pastel DressI used to worry about what people though about me when I wore this dress. But blogging has given me this new found confidence to wear whatever I want and not care about anyone's thoughts; 'What Susie says of Sally, says more of Susie than of Sally'. Don't you agree?
Let me know in the comments below whether you like this outfit, because I bloody love it. Oh, and this is my 100th blog post here on Thumbelina Lillie! Can you believe it? Thanks for sticking with me guys, I love you all! Don't forget to vote in the Cosmo Blog Awards - I'm in the 'Best New Beauty Blog' category!
OOTD - Vintage Pastel Dress
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