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Oops! Signs of India

By Suryak @bysurya

Well, This seems to be the Hyderabad's International Airport.But guys, this isn't Shamshabad which is officially where the airport is said to be located.
Oops! Signs of India
Actually I was coming all the way to my home from college and I saw this one. I couldn't wait to take a snap of it with my mobile. Believe me, this board wasn't there for an hour or two or at least a day... I almost used to watch it daily for the whole semester and now they took that off as some construction work going out there..
Though it was taken a month back.. I thought to share it with you.
How do you feel ? Need your comments.
* No offense to India and its people in any way. If you find it to be offensive / abusive, Kindly write to my email address mentioned in the About page

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