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Ooh La La Gossip!!

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hellooo shimmers,
How have you all been I hope you are well. The Title is just something my friend said today and i thought it was quite funny. Just thought i would have a little convo with you today :)
Next week at school we are doing a hoola-hooping challenge to raise money for the teenage cancer trust charity. They are an amazing charity who really give young people with cancer hope. They build teenage cancer wards in NHS hospitals to help give teens and young adults a pleasant and peaceful place to get treatment, recover and recuperate from the cancer. We are hoping to raise £15,000, unfortunetly im not sure how well i can actually hoola-hoop but i will give it my best go!! Each person in our school (1800) has to try and raise £10...grandparents are great for sponsor money :)
I want to do psychology at uni but what fancy doing is ...being a live in nanny in america for a year...i think it would be amazing. I met a girl in my  psychology class and she is going to do that for a gap year. It would be amazing, I dont think I want to have a gap year though so i might do an American camp in the summer holidays or something I think it would be amazing and fun and super and amazing and get the point!!
These are like totally random topics but yeah...I am loving xfactor, there have some gorgeous singers and cute guys...perfect Saturday night watching :) You know what else im loving Waterloo Road, some of its unrealistic but i still love it. Do you watch Eastenders...Who is Kat having the affair with? Loads are saying not so sure but sure who it could be?!
Just thought I also ought to say that I am sorry for the extreme lack of YouTube videos.. Being at school I just don't have time so I do apologize at the next opportunity I promise i will make a video :)
See you later my lovelies
Laura xx

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