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Ontario - Apple Picking at Carl Laidlaw Farms

By Laurawh77 @travladventurer
I want to dedicate this post to Michael, whose lovely email about my blog was amazing and really was a great surprise to recieve the other day! So Thanks Michael, this one's for you! IMG_4350.1
Last weekend, Sarah, Jesse and I all went up to Carl Laidlaw Orchards for an apple picking adventure, (and yes i know I just wrote a whole post about apple in my last entry but they're awesome and it's fall so bear with me here) IMG_4346.1
Carl Laidlaw Orchards is like disneyland for foodies, autumn enthusiasts and those of us who like the rustic charm of picking your own apples for classic fall culinary delights. IMG_4340.1 IMG_4342.1
Readers might remember we made this same trip last year nearing the end of October, so we were really excited to be going back when the apples were at there prime and there was a lot of varieties to choose from (since last year nearing the end of the season a lot had been picked out) IMG_4140.1
We were met at the gate by the friendly woman at the samples table who had baskets filled with freshly picked apples from the orchard. Flavours that we had never even heard of were displayed here and before you could even ask, the woman was slicing up samples for you to try. IMG_4139.1
the cookout
Sarah grabbing her corn from the cauldron to throw it on the grill. IMG_4144.1IMG_4142.1
All smiles for corn!
This is the best invention in the world. Melted butter jar, dip your corn in to coat it completely in butter....yummers IMG_4167.1
I even spiced mine up a bit by adding some lovely hot peppers. really gave it a nice kick! IMG_4170.1
As someone who covets vintage treasures and the rustic charm of aniques, I adore the way that this place is so lovingly decoarted with old pieces of farm equipement, vintage signage and little knickanck everywhere you look.
IMG_4175.1IMG_4178.1 IMG_4333.1
With a wave of a aaten corn cob, we summoned the tractor which drove us out to the orchards where we set out to find the Mutsu apples first. They were my favorite from last year and this year they did not dissapoint. IMG_4189.1
The trees were heavy with these giant apples and only a few of them made out bags feel as if they were full already. IMG_4193.1
Jesse holding a Mutsu apple the size of her head! lol
The Ida Red's were simply glowing in the sunlight against the green leaves they hid inbetween and we couldn't help climbing right into these beauties to dig out hidden treasures! We had a bit to much fun climbing the trees and eating the apples right off the branches. IMG_4268.1 IMG_4239.1
Ida Red's have the most wonderully sweet and crisp taste and they were a joy to eat straight from the source. IMG_4035.1 IMG_4293.1IMG_4297.1
There is nothing like walking through the rows and rows of trees, all dotted with brightly coloured fruit, and looking out at a bright blue sky to make a gorgeous autumn day even more beautiful. IMG_4295.1 IMG_4315.1
We stopped at the base of the orchard where there is a small ravine that flows. Tried after a long walk, carrying a heavy bag of apples, we set them down, plopped our feet over the edge of the hill, dangeling them over the water and watching the crowds of people with their apples in tow, happily stroll by. The fall colours were just starting to change across the countryside and we felt that in the sunlight of the day, we could almost see it happening in front of our eyes. IMG_4307.1 IMG_4312.1 IMG_4303.1
On our way out we stopped to say hello to the Scarecrow and his pumpkin, walked around the pie shop and paying for our huge haul of apples. IMG_4329.1 IMG_4345.1
It was the perfect way to spend a lovely Autumn day...

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