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Fashion: For Who I'm Supposed To Be Today

By Amy @amzzz1984
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I've found this quote months ago, not knowing what I should do with it. Yesterday I decided to put it up on the blog with a whole monolog about how I never have anything to wear, yet my closet is quite large and literally stacked with clothes. If I do all my washing (or only have one basket full...) I can't put all my clothes away. Talking about first world problems!
Another first world problem is the fact that I don't have anytime to write the post I was planning to write, cause I'm flying to Ibiza tonight. I just really had some much too do the last couple of weeks (make that months!) Have been running round town, gotta slow down.
Packing my suitcase I stumbled on the same problem as stated above... I need to pack all these clothes, cause I'm not sure who I'm supposed to be on my vacation. I mean I haven't had a real summer vacation in nearly 2 years, how does that work, a lazy summer holiday? Well I'm going to find out!
Keep you posted!
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