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Online Marketing Terms

Posted on the 02 March 2012 by Onqmarketing @onqmarketing

for the somewhat uneducated…..


Anchor text

Text contained within a hyperlink. This is one of the significant search engine signals and has impact on rankings. So avoid using ‘click here’ as a hyperlink.


Pay Per Click advertising model from search giant Google. Great to be able to immediately start ranking for your identified keywords. Given it’s a bid system, some will pay more for each click.


Often used in reference to Google Analytics. It’s free software that you can use to track pretty much all of the stats you could wish for.


Through the website development process, there may be a chance that you’ve created more than one version of any given web page. Canonicalization is the practice of establishing an original or preferred URL of a page.

Google Page Rank

A ranking system from Google. Not considered to be as valuable as it once was. It certainly does not influence search results. Ranking out of 10.

Inbound Links

The links coming from other websites to your own. It might include your suppliers, your clients, your local council, business directories, etc, etc. The quality of inbound links is imperative.

H tags

Basically a H tag identifies to the search engines which words make up the headings. The headings obviously highlight what the content is about. Heading tags include H1, H2, H3.


One of the leading blogs in the online space. Follow them for up to date news on social media, technology, mobile and so much more.

Meta Data

The Meta Data is the data that you’re telling the search engines is relevant to your content. The Meta Title and Meta Description will be used by the search engines to construct their results.

Outbound Links

The hyperlinks that lead away from your site to others.


Perhaps the most infamous Google search algorithm released. It basically is a change in Google’s processes to penalise duplicate content. This is one of the significant search engine signals.


This small command tells the search engines not to crawl a particular link on your website. You will want to apply this command to outbound links, particularly those going to poor quality sites.


Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is the practice of optimising a website to improve its performance within the search engines.


Where Mashable is one of the best sources for news online, SEO Moz is arguably the leading authority on SEO online. In addition to providing valuable content, SEO Moz has a suite of tools provided to members to advance their SEO goals. Open Site Explorer is their flagship online tool.

Social Sharing

It’s just about self-explanatory. Social Sharing is becoming a key issue or indicator for the search engines to rank websites. By having your content shared across social media, it tells the engines that it’s valuable content, hence lending it more credibility.

Source Bottle

A great service for Australians. In the same mold as the U.S. based HARO. Source Bottle connects journos with sources. Great for business to acquire free publicity.

Unique Content

As soon as Panda was introduced, unique content became imperative.

Unique Visits

Visits is a great indicator of your website’s performance but Unique Visits is a more accurate reflection. Of 100 visits there might have been only 55 visits with some people coming back.


Online Marketing Terms
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