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Onion Seed V Sets Part 2.

By Plot58 @plot58
Onion Seed V Sets Part 2.Oh dear oh dear the onion seeds are not doing particularly well due to the intervention of my 3 year old daughter. I have my onion seeds sitting nicely on the Bathroom window sill soaking up all the sun throughout the day.  My youngest thought the onion seeds needed water….lots of water… fact during “bath time” the other evening they thought they were in Asia at the height of monsoon season when I went in to get here out the bath she said to me “Daddy, I watered your seeds like Mr Bloom” (for all those unfamiliar with Mr Bloom he is a character from CBeebies all about growing vegetables) I couldn’t be cross with her because she was only trying to help me I suppose and she looked so cute when she said it too. When I looked at them they were actually swimming in water I did my best to remove all the water I could but since then the seeds have all just rotted off and all but 1 has died.
Onion Seed V Sets Part 2. A day after the monsoon! all is not well
So yesterday whilst out at my local garden center I picked up another packet of onion seeds and also as a back-up measure I brought some seed onions Centurion, I hope I have more luck this time round with the onion seed because before the “monsoon” they were not looking to healthy anyway.  I have also been sowing some parsnip seeds this week in individual modules as they take an age to germinate, it has also highlighted to me that I need to invest in a greenhouse heater as I am slowly running out of window sills to put things on.

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