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One Year Ago Today

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger
One Year Ago TodayOne year ago today I was guided through The Passion Test. If you haven't heard of it before, you should head straight to the library or buy your copy online right now! I've included an affiliate link to make it easy for you. ;) Just click on the book.
The other day, as I sat at my desk working on my new website I looked up and saw the list I have taped to the wall. It's the list of my top 5 passions in life. I read the list almost every day as a reminder of how I want my life to be, but I guess I haven't really read it in awhile because suddenly I was struck by a realization.
I sent a note of gratitude to Michelle, the facilitator that guided me (find her at Then I posted this on my Facebook Wall:
Almost exactly one year ago I was guided through The Passion Test by a wonderful woman, certified facilitator Michelle Simons. I was homesick, relatively unhappy and feeling a bit lost. I was essentially a soul-searching housewife. Today I reviewed what I discovered then were my top 5 passions and I am happy to report that I am now experiencing 3 out of 5 and can practically feel the other two at my fingertips! It wasn't by dreaming or magic that my life has changed. It was by a few small steps every day focusing more on the life I wanted than what in life I didn't want. — feeling blessed.
Of the 5 items, none of which I was experiencing one year ago, I live 3 of them today. The other two are just a fingertips length away and it is so exciting to actually see the results that I am creating!
One of my friends asked me to share my top 5, which I did. Then she asked a follow-up question about the test being more than just helping you to figure out what your hobbies are or what you love to do. Here was my response:
The test goes much deeper. That depth is the essence of The Passion Test. I came to discover what those terms meant to me through the test. When you start you just write down everything you're passionate about - singing and writing were on my list. But as you whittle through what is most important, what you could live without and what you couldn't, a new picture emerges. So, I could say singing is one of my passions, it is, of course. But then, why? For what purpose? Joy. Singing brings me joy. I could say I want to be financially wealthy, but for what purpose? Freedom to do what I choose to whenever I want to do it. Abundance because I want more than stuff or experiences - I want to feel full and rich on every level of my life - health, love, spirituality. The fun part is that you do the test every 6 months or so because our passions change and evolve. I can honestly say that I wasn't hitting any of my 5 a year ago. I just knew that was what I wanted my life to be like. Now I'm on a mission to help every woman live her ideal life! The life she would choose - not just the one she's fallen into or ended up with.
The Passion Test helped me to figure out what I was here for - my purpose on this Earth. Now, with small steps forward every day (and occasionally a few steps backward), I truly am living the life of my own choosing. It's damn exciting to see that you actually can have any life you want to have. You just have to decide. 
*** I am now a Certified Life Coach! If you want to take a step toward your ideal life, I can help! Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation. 

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