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One Simple Thing That Will Change Your Business…

By Stacylrust
“They call me Stacy… that’s not my name.”

Pick out any random person in the world and I bet I can tell you what word is MOST important to them… one word that determines whether or not they will form a positive relationship with you… one word that will dictate whether they will like you, trust you, and remember you when you part ways.

That word is their name.

Remember someone’s name and you will quickly win them over.

Forget their name, and you can bet you’ve moved a few inches closer to their bad side.

It sounds cliche and simple, but it really will make a difference in your business and the relationships you create.

Why is this so important?

Because people remember those who remember them.

When you remember things about people, they really appreciate it and you become a memorable person to them. They feel valued and respected around you, and they, in turn, remember YOU.

“But what if I’m terrible with names?”

Names are tough to remember. When you run your own business, you meet TONS of people and it can be daunting and difficult trying to remember each and every one of them.

Here are a few tricks to help you out…

  1. Always be sure to get the business cards of the people you meet, and when you leave the meeting, write notes on the back to jog your memory about who they are and what you talked about. Include physical descriptions if that will help you to remember what they look like.
  2. Repeat their name a few times in your head after they tell you. Have you ever had a person tell you their name and literally 10 seconds later you can’t remember what they said? I know this has happened to me. Our short-term memory loses information rapidly unless we consciously decide to remember it. (I often have this problem with the time, I look at a clock without processing what it actually says, and then instantly forget what time it is…)
  3. If you have a lot of customers, keep notes about them in their account information. You probably have great systems in place for keeping track of your customers’ account information (past orders, credit card information, phone number, address, etc.) Take advantage of the system you already have in place and include notes about conversations you’ve had with them, their level of satisfaction with your product or service, whether or not they’ve referred other customers to you, and any other information or feedback you get from them. Keep a running log to refresh your memory before meeting with them or calling them.

You don’t need to rely simply on your memory (and, honestly, you shouldn’t because memories are faulty.) Put systems in place to help you remember those around you and make a habit of using those systems religiously.

Pay attention to others. Remember things about them. Take notice of what they like and what they are interested in. Remember conversations you had with them. Take in who they are and REMEMBER it. It will be the difference between a mediocre, forget-you-a-couple-minutes kind of relationship, and a long-term, prosperous business relationship.

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