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One School Year Complete and Visitors Welcome

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger
Today is the second day of summer vacation for my children. It's amazing to me that they've completed their first year of school in England. They've adjusted so beautifully and they are incredible students.
I'm a very proud mommy. The girls' report cards make me cry, they are so good! Both girls (if you don't mind me bragging a bit) are well above average in reading and writing. Sweet Rose is listed as "gifted" and Nature Girl is "accelerated". Not sure of the difference; it may just be the terminology that their two different schools use. Either way, they're brilliant. They literally excel in every area!
My little guy won't be any slacker either. He's well on his way to reading and can count nearly to 30. He's such a little character and he's grown so much in the past year. He thrived at playschool and I'm relieved that he will be going back to the same school, with teachers and friends that he loves.
We're just six-weeks shy of one full year in the UK. It's gone by so quickly. We've all made friends now and even have a fun play-date today. Well, it may not have reached quite the depth of friendship the adults, yet, but it's still someone to chat with and we have 3 important things in common - 3 kids the same age. Each pair were classmates this year. It's The Boy's first play-date!
Even so, I'm missing my family; missing home. I'm feeling lonely and disconnected. Skype is great, but it's no substitute for a hug. I miss writing here, too. Strangely, it helps me feel more connected, even if hardly anyone is reading it.
Have I mentioned the spare room? Private en-suite (bathroom) and less than an hour from Stonehenge and in the other direction, London? Not to mention the coast and the gorgeous countryside of Hampshire all around us. And yes, Starbucks is here, too. :) All friends and family welcome.

One School Year Complete and Visitors Welcome

Gorgeous walks through beautiful forests are just around the corner from our house. Tempted yet?

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