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One Night, One Cinema - Two Films

Posted on the 24 February 2012 by Limette @Limette9
There's a first time for everything, isn't there?
One Night, One Cinema - Two FilmsHysteria (2011) & Intouchables (2011)
Watching two films after each other in the cinema was an unthinkable thing to do for me - until quite recently, when me and two friends decided that we had to see the two films that were running in the repertory the next week. So yesterday we went, and I tell you: it was fun.
This might be due to the films we saw, which were comedies (the first one especially), but really: it didn't feel odd in the slightest. It was more like a DVD-night in public, to a certain point. 
As mostly in the repertory, the films were current indies, and as mostly I felt utterly happy to be able to see them. While there has been a lot of talking about Intouchables (which was also released in our multiplex, that's why), I'd probably never seen Hysteria if it weren't for our awesome little cinema.Why has nobody made a film about the invention of the vibrator before? That is one of the best ideas for a comedy I have ever heard of. Certainly, there were some holes in the script and a few odd scenes, but in a nutshell it was pure fun - I haven't laughed that much for a long time. My risible muscles were truly sore. 
Intouchables however, played on a totally different level. Firstly, it was much more emotional than the previous, more realistic and also profounder. Secondly: Omar Sy is a man you ought to keep an eye on. His performance had many layers and facial expressions and body language were impressively unique. The film on a whole was a very fitting mixture of realism and vision or inspiration, there were scenes where the audience laughed its hearts out, and others were it kept the tissues near. All of this, I realize, sounds like the description of a fairly original film, but there is something quite special about Intouchables. It is a film that might inspire you to do things you've never done, but also one that might make you feel very content about your life and being. It shows what wonderful people live "beneath" and "above" the middle class - us, if I'm allowed to say that - and... well, some other great philosophic stuff. You know what I'm trying to say - it just sounds so worn out when I'm putting it into words.
  1. Watching a double feature in cinema is great.
  2. If you need a light and extremely funny comedy, watch Hysteria.
  3. If you need a great current film, watch Intouchables.
  4. If you have the possibility, watch both films in the same cinema, the same night.

One Night, One Cinema - Two Films

Have you been to a double feature in cinema? What are your experiences?

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