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On the Road Again

By Ukstreetart @ukstreetart

You may not have noticed from my earlier posts but I only use photo’s of graffiti and street art that I have taken myself.

I love nothing more than getting out and about around the West Midlands to see what I can find and, trust me, there is no greater feeling than turning a corner and spotting a massive burning piece – especially if you’ve been wandering around for hours and found nothing!

This post is quite simple really, it’s a few shots of some of my favorite pieces that I have had the privilege to see and I thought that I would share them with you.

Artist: N4T4 (This guys photorealism work is unbelievable and you may have seen him in action at Upfest earlier this year)

graff attack 141wm 460x281 On the Road Again

Artist: Rascal (Absolute burner!)

steel rev 050wm On the Road Again

HSM Crew in action on this one … Who doesn’t love a bit of Top Cat and Officer Dibble?!

steel rev 066wm1 On the Road Again

Artist: Vomit (This guy has been rocking the West Midlands for a while now and I have shots of a lot of his work but the color scheme on this made it pop straight off the wall … It’s a quality piece!)

RAF RV 021wm1 On the Road Again

Artist: Meek

alien skee 004wm On the Road Again

As you can see by now, the West Midlands scene is alive and pumping with some really great work being produced by some amazing artists. To name but a few we have the likes of Kem and Mef, Title, Skema, Vomit, Ziner and Fluid. It’s great to be involved in the scene up here and a lot of the artists don’t always achieve the recognition that they deserve – I’m gonna try and change that!

Artist: Fluid

alien skee 006wm On the Road Again

Artist: Ziner

jono 028wm 460x250 On the Road Again

Artist: Title, Kem and Mef (Title is responsible for the main character)

remo 158wm1 460x313 On the Road Again

Artist: Title, Kem and Mef (The full shot, this piece should go down in history. It’s jaw dropping when you see it – the detail, the colours, everything is just next level)

remo 148wm 460x203 On the Road Again

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed my brief tour of work that I’ve found here, there and anywhere from around the West Midlands and I have plenty more to share with you so please just keep checking back with us here at UK Street Art to get your regular fix!

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