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On the Road

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
The brunette twin started driver's education recently. Due to school and activity schedules, we didn't get her enrolled until this month. She was really excited to start her classroom work. She was more excited to start driving.

After only four classes, she was eligible to get her driver's permit. Daddy and I took her after work. We waited in line at the very busy Secretary of State's office. While we waited, the brunette twin kept wondering if she was ready to get her permit. All it really involved was taking an online test. She had to get 26 of 35 questions correct. The instructors told her that once she correctly answered 26, the test would automatically end. 

She fretted the entire time. What if she didn't study enough? Did she really know enough that she should be allowed to drive? Was she ready to start driving? What if she flunked the test?

We told her that she had to wait nine months after getting her permit to get her driver's license. The longer she waited to get her permit, the longer she would have to wait to get her license. We convinced her to try the test. If she didn't pass, we could bring her back on Saturday.

She was really nervous by the time they called her name. She disappeared into an area with lots of computers. We waited for her, trying not to look towards the computer area. When she came out, she was smiling. She said, "It was so easy."

A few minutes later she had her driving permit. As we left the building, she asked for the car keys. We laughed at her new-found confidence. Daddy made plans to take her driving the next day. The brunette twin was ready to put the student driver magnet on the back of the car and so were we.

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