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on the Bright Side

By Sara Louise @cestmoisaralou
on the bright sideHi everyone! (Saying 'bonjour tout le monde' doesn't seem right anymore since I'm not in France... but you know what, scr*w it, I like saying it. Let's start over.)
Bonjour tout le monde! Here we are, another Friday, another month almost gone. It's frightening how fast it goes by, isn't it? Yesterday marked the two month mark since Gregory's arrival (and my three month will be next week...eek!), which means we only have one month left until Gregory's three month visa is up. Yep, at the end of June, Gregory will be returning to France. But have no fear, he won't be there too long as the Green Card process is swimming right along. Plus, he'll be reunited with Mr. London, his faithful Bumder, so we won't be too sad for him.
I had planned on posting Gregory's vlog today, answering all of your questions, but we had some technical difficulties so that's on hold for a couple of days, but on the bright side, if you thought of anything else you'd like to ask Gregory, you still have a chance.
Let's see... what else is happening... after a couple of weeks of really meek weather here (like gray skies, thunderstorms and rain), the sun has finally returned. Well, it's returned for the time being anyway, it's supposed to rain again over the weekend. That's fine, heaven knows Texas needs it. And rain means going to the cinema and being lazy on the couch. Bonus of being lazy on the couch, I get to curl up with my current read, Galway Bay. It's a goody.
So let me ask you my friends, what do you have planned for this fine weekend, and what are you reading? I'm feeling nosy, indulge me please. MUAH!

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