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On The 3rd Day of Christmas-Citrus Guy Style

By Thecitrusguy @SCCitrusguy

     Welcome to day 3 of Gardener Christmas gift ideas.
     Today, I want to tell you about one of my other passions and how you can get some of the ones I grow and show.
On The 3rd Day of Christmas-Citrus Guy Style
     There are four selections today, and again, I know these places and they only sell top-notch plants.
#1-Camellia Forest Nursery- These folks have been in business for over 40 years and are located in North Carolina. They offer gift certificates and you can pick what camellia you want by many different ways, either by name, color, bloom size, bloom time as well as others.
#2- Larry Bates Nursery- Coming out of Louisiana, Larry has over 300 different grafted camellias available. His site has pictures, ordering information, growing information and links to other good information and societies. There are a couple of his that I have on my wish list and will hopefully be ordering soon!
#3- County Line Nursery- CLN is a world-class grower of camellias down in Georgia. He ships smaller camellias for the folks that are having a hard time finding certain plants. His plants are beautifully packaged and will show up at your door without a scratch.
#4-Nuccio's Nursery- This is the Nirvana of the camellia world! They are in California and have been in business since 1935. This company has created and registered more camellias than I can remember. If you want something really unique, check these people out.
     As I have mentioned in previous Christmas gift posts, there are many other camellia growers and sellers online, a quick Google search will reveal them. These four I have had personal dealings with and love them!
     If a new Camellia is on your gardener's wish list, I urge you to check these folks out.
As always I am available to answer any questions, please e-mail me at [email protected] or .net.
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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!
Happy Growing!

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