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On The 2nd Day of Christmas-Citrus Guy Style

By Thecitrusguy @SCCitrusguy

     On today's second installment of gardener Christmas gift ideas, I am going to seed. Your beloved gardener is really wanting to get outside and do SOMETHING! For the most part, the weather is a hindrance and most places are not even selling seeds this time of year.
On The 2nd Day of Christmas-Citrus Guy Style
     While there are dozens, if not HUNDREDS of seed companies online, here are three that have some very unusual items for sale, as well as the standard fare, but also offer Gift Certificates so your gardener can at least feel as though they are doing something by looking, ordering, and dreaming of Spring.
     Just as with everything else that is and will be on these lists, I have ordered from these companies and were not disappointed with my purchases.
#1-Trade Winds Fruit- I LOVE the very unusual Tropical Fruit seeds section of this company. Where else can you find things such as Crataegus pinnatifida a.k.a. Chinese Hawthorn or Parmentiera aculeata a.k.a. Guajilote.
     When I tell people that I grow things that they have probably never heard of, THIS is where I got them from.
#2- Whatcom Seed Company- This is another one of those companies that, if your gardener likes the unusual, they will be in hog heaven! They carry fruits, vegetables and some really crazy flowers! Things like Crepis rubra a.k.a. Pink Hawksbeard or Scabiosa atropurpurea a.k.a. Black Scabiosa just to name a few.
#3- Totally Tomatoes- Even though their name is Totally Tomatoes, that is only their main thing, they do carry other vegetables, fruits, and other garden supplies. But, come on, if your gardener loves growing tomatoes, how can you POSSIBLY go wrong with Totally Tomatoes. They have everything from Amish Gold Slicer Tomatoes, which is an heirloom variety to hybrids like the Original Goliath Tomato with fruits averaging 10 to 15 oz!
     As I mentioned earlier, there are many, MANY other seed companies online and I invite you to look for those too. I only listed these three for simplicity's sake and because they have unusual things as well as my seal of approval.
I will have another post tomorrow on other great gardener Christmas gift ideas.
     As always I am available to answer any questions, please e-mail me at [email protected] or .net.
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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!
Happy Growing!

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