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On My Mind...

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
On my mind...  White. On my mind... Somewhat.
On my mind...  Tailored. On my mind... Martha F*@k!n&.
On my mind... Slipcovers.
Yes, I know I am crazy to want them with the goings on and grape jam/ booger fingers in my house.  
I'll just go to my happy place and pretend this is me with the well trained men in my life... lalalalala. On my mind...  But screw it.  When there is a will there is a way.  And I am pretty non-anal about that stuff.
I am currently making some for my big pair of microsuede lovin' couches. I have 2 chairs that I slipcovered 4 years ago and they are holding their own (thanks to Clorox) pretty damn nicely. See..... no boogs.... On my mind... Please note the sewing hell of fabric on the dining room table  (amongst more happy azaleas, love them and I am getting sad they are almost gone outside)  and the soon to be slipcovered, tired looking microsuede arm to the right.
They will be fabulous damn it!  
I will be back soon folks. I can't promise any good tutorials because I am a cheater when it comes to sewing. I burn out quick and skip steps, so trust me you will be better off Googling a How To, (as would I).
But if anyone has any good cheater tips please tell.  I will be doing this in spurts at night after the kids are asleep and I have finished all my other work, so yes I will be tired and looking for shortcuts and all the help I can get.

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