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on Goals & Accountability.

By Agadd @ashleegadd

One of the things I have come to love and appreciate about blogging is the accountability that exists here. Once I type something and hit publish, I feel compelled to do it. As my friend Ashley recently said, “It’s better than writing it on stone, it’s on the WORLD WIDE WEB!”


It’s been more than a year since I quit my full-time cubicle job to pursue a career in writing and photography. Of course, being pregnant and having a baby while doing all of that put a few of my career goals on the backburner. It’s been a slow process, this working-for-myself business. I’m easily frustrated by my lack of progress and get down on myself too often when I think about where I want to be, compared to where I actually am.

Starting my own little business has been a humbling experience to say the least. I’m still extremely awkward when strangers ask me what I do for a living. I stare at them for a moment before mumbling “I’m…..uh…..a writer…..kind of…..and a photographer…..sort of.”

I know. We’ve been over this. I’m getting better with time, but really…..it takes balls to call yourself a writer/photographer/artist of any kind.

All of this is to say: thank you readers for giving me the confidence over the past year to keep pursuing writing and photography. Really. I appreciate your comments and encouragement more than you know. And, in the spirit of blogging accountability, I am going balls out (did I really just say balls twice in this post?) and listing some very serious goals I have for my business in 2013. Please feel free to call me out on these once in a while and ask about my progress.

Writing Goals:

1. Continue writing here consistently on this little blog, my writing home.
2. Average one guest post or article per month for other blogs or publications.
3. Write an ebook of sorts (yep, this is happening, more details coming soon).
4. Write every single day. Blog post, prayer journal, sticky note, whatever.
5. Say yes to fun writing freelance projects. (currently doing this for a new client and loving it).

Photography Goals:

1. Start a personal photography project to complete throughout the year (already have an idea, details coming soon!).
2. Re-brand myself. New logo. New website. New business cards. Time for a fresh look!
3. Take a class or two.
4. Create an awesome referral program.
5. Get out of my comfort zone (hello, birth photography!).
6. Re-structure my pricing & packages, sell more prints.
7. Find a photography mentor, stat.
8. Get organized with my external hard drive/discs/overall photo back-up system.
9. Get at least one photo shoot published this year.

Miscellaneous Business Goals:

1. Go to (at least) one conference in 2013. Alt Summit SF and Allume look amazing!
2. Get better at the accounting stuff (guys, it’s harder than it looks).
3. Attend one networking event/quarter (motherhood has turned me into a hermit, need to fix that).
4. Sign up for Passion Fruit Ads and start selling! (sponsorship info here; use promo code “newsponsor” for $5 off!)
5. BE CONFIDENT IN ALL OF THIS. Self-doubt has no place in Ashlee Gadd Creative.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for now. WILL YOU HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE? Please and thank you.

Do you have any personal/business-y goals for this year? I’m happy to hold you accountable as well (beware: I can be a nag sometimes).

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