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Omg I Joined Facebook What Have I Done

By The Persephone Complex @hollycassell


Hello everyone! I thought I’d bring you a little life update (with a picture of my new pretty shoes). Like I mentioned in my last post, I wrote a piece and made some artwork for Pop Culture Puke, which you can find here. I wrote some thoughts on make-overs in film, television and real life, along with a collage. Please please please check it out and comment/share/like it, but only if you really do like it, of course! Or start a conversation and tweet me your thoughts! Also, the two photo-shoots I mentioned a while ago took place over the Easter weekend, and I’m so, so thrilled with how they went. I will be posting the pictures here shortly, but if you want them before everyone else you can like my brand new Facebook page – I’m putting them up there right now. Thanks in advance if you do. You rock.

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