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Oldies But Goodies

By Theliteraturelion @LiteratureLion
Generally I read newly released books, but sometimes I get the urge to go back and pick of some books that have been released for quite some time! I've decided to do a feature where whenever I get enough books, I'll make a "Oldies But Goodies" post where I take older books and post mini reviews about them! 
Right now I have five different books for this Oldies But Goodies post!  
Before I Die
Before I Die by Jenny Downham
July 5th, 2007Like the title says, this book is going to be deep. It reminded me a bit of The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, which I devoured. This was a pretty quick read, but I liked that it had quite a bit of depth to it. The whole concept of how Tess deals with death really made the novel interesting. I think my favorite part was at the end of the novel when the chapters got shorter. Tears were falling and I continually flipped pages as I anticipated the ending. 4 STARS
Brightly Woven Brightly Woven by Alexandra Braken
March 23rd, 2010Brightly Woven was recommended to me many times by multiple bloggers, so I knew I had to pick it up. I'm not really one for high fantasy, but I've slowly been finding myself drawn to it. I finally picked this one up, and I was pleasantly surprised! The high fantasy plot was okay, but I loved the ADVENTURE! It was exciting and rich and what made it that way was the characters! Sybelle and North were wonderful characters and I'm glad I got to follow them on this journey! 4 STARS
Keeper of the Winds (Daughter of Destiny #1) Keeper of the Winds by Jenna Solitaire
February 7th, 2006
Here's a secret: my best friend's dad wrote these novels under the pen name Jenna Solitaire. I have to admit, I was practically being forced to read these novels. I got signed copies and my friend's dad was bringing us to a writing/book convention and the only way I could go was if I read the first novel. Well thank god I did! These books are like nothing I've read before! I wish that Tor would have done more with them when they were released, because they're pretty good! I honestly think if they were published now they'd be categorized under the New Adult genre. 4 STARS
Keeper of the Waters (Daughter of Destiny #2)Keeper of the Waters by Jenna Solitaire
April 4th, 2006So this one wasn't as great as the first one, because it's a sequel, but it still held my attention! I really liked the adventure and romance in this one with Jenna, Simon and Saduj! Definitely interesting, but not as great as the first. I think I'm still going to read the other books in this series though! Hopefully I won't be let down! 3 STARS
What My Mother Doesn't Know (What My Mother Doesn't Know #1)What My Mother Doesn't Know by Sonya Sones
February 1st, 2001This was one definitely interesting! I had this book for a while, but never had the chance to read it. I really liked the writing style - that was my favorite part! Also, the whole novel is pretty funny since it's about a basic teenage girl that everyone can pretty much relate to! 2 STARS
Oldies But Goodies

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